Eastford Fire & Rescue Sales has been a
source of quality emergency vehicle repairs and service for over twenty years.

Eastford Truck Sales, has been a family owned and operated business since 1968.  Our roots go back to 1922, when Oliver Bowen, grandfather to Christopher Bowen, opened Bowen's Garage. Today, it continues the Bowen family tradition of excellence in customer service as one of the oldest existing Ford dealerships in the nation.

We believe that service is the most important aspect of any business, but especially for an emergency vehicle dealer. Servicing emergency vehicles is a tremendous responsibility and must be performed with both speed and accuracy. We also believe that servicing volunteer organizations requires a special attention to convenience for the volunteers. That’s why Eastford Fire & Rescue Sales provides free on-site service and pick-up and delivery service. It's hard enough finding volunteers to cover shifts and answer calls without worrying about finding two spare people to shuttle an out-of-service vehicle to and from the garage.

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Michael Kaen
Brooklyn & Staten Island Sales
Alan Skurnik
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Ken Beers
585.943.0473 wnyac@rochester.rr.com
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Roy R. Sweet / Kuntree B. Sweet
Cell 518.428.3384
Home 518.661.5459
Fax 518.661.5459


We pledge to maintain the highest standards of ethics and professionalism at all times. We pledge to market and promote our products and services on the strength of their superiorities, not on the implied weaknesses of any competitor. We pledge to provide you with honest and truthful answers to all your questions, with accurate information to the best of our abilities so that you may be an educated buyer. We pledge to not pressure, harass, or annoy you while you are continuing to shop and make a decision.We pledge to provide you with the best combination of price, quality, service, and value. We pledge to make sure that mistakes on our part are rare and, if they occur, corrected quickly and with as little inconvenience as possible on your part. We pledge to provide you with fast and convenient service and delivery of replacement parts when needed so that you may remain focused on your duties as an EMS provider or fire fighter. And we pledge to provide you with continued support to maintain and operate your vehicles for as long as you own them. This is our pledge to you.